Peugeot modèle Le Lion c 1895

This Peugeot safety bicycle is a difficult one to date.
It's got serial number 30886 which means it's quite late: maybe 1895 or even 1896 if I may trust my own statistics. But it's possible Peugeot was a lot more succesful in the years '93-'95 than I thought: that would make the bicycle 1894.

What we see is a very nice Peugeot with a lot of original parts. Saddle is of a much later date.
The bicycle has a sloping top tube, quite normal until 1895.
It has radial spokes and cushion tyres, which means its a bit cheaper model than the similar model I have pictures of, which has tangent spoking. 
The strange detail is the bracket. It's not a straightforward tube, like all bicycles had after 1893, but still the oldfashioned cumbersome bracket of the earlier models. I can't explain it, but it's there so why bother. Wonderful bicycle anyhow.

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